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Celebrate Tet, the Vietnamese New Year

Articles, crafts, and photographs on Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.

Introduction to Tet, the Vietnamese New Year

Vietnamese New Year is celebrated by many adoptive families who have adopted Vietnamese children. Local Vietnamese culture organizations provide great resources for this time of year. Articles, crafts, and resources for Tet are provided below.

Officially, the national holiday of Tet lasts for three days. However, in practice it is closer to a week or ten days, as many celebrations occur before this date in the south of Viet Nam and after this date in the north of Viet Nam. All work in Vietnam slows dramatically for several weeks during this time period. Almost everyone is on holiday or is in a holiday frame of mind. This is also the peak time of travel to Vietnam, as many Vietnamese people return to be with families and friends.

For those in the adoption process, enjoy this important holiday - soon it will be your family holiday too!

Articles, Pictures and Crafts for Tet, Vietnamese New Year

Recommended Books for Children Adopted from Vietnam

Reviews of books for Vietnam adoptive families.

Inviting the Ancestors for Tet
The celebration of Vietnamese New Year - preparing traditional Vietnamese food and ceremonies. (Mai Pham)

The Traditions of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year
Tet Vietnamese New Year traditions - Tet, foods, flowers, fruits, celebrations and gatherings. (Tung Nguyen)

Staying in Hanoi, Vietnam for Tet
An adoptive mother spends Tet in Hanoi with her little girl. (Nancy Jacobs)

Tet in Hanoi
Preparing for Tet in Hanoi. (Dana Sachs)

Photos of Tet Celebrations in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Decorations, parades and fireworks enliven Ho Chi Minh City for this festive holiday. (Carl Cole).

A Canadian Vietnamese New Year Celebration
These Tet photos provide an introduction to Vietnamese New Year celebrations in North America. Flowers, food, dances, music, decorations, and ceremonies for Tet are beautifully illustrated. (Phan Dam)

Children's 'Crafts for Tet

Suggestions for Celebrating the Lunar New Year
Ideas for Tet activities and crafts for children. (Cindy Roberts)

Tet, the Vietnamese New Year, A Lesson Plan for Grades 4-6
Enjoy Tet with your child's school. (Tracy Ward)

Make and Race a Vietnamese Dragonboat
Instructions for creating and racing a model Dragonboat for Tet. (Cherie Jones Das)

Make Your Own Dragon Parade for Tet
Vietnamese New Year Craft: Instructions for creating a dragon for your children's Tet celebrations. (Cindy Roberts)

Make Your Own Dragon Puppet for Tet
Asian New Year Craft: Instructions and pattern for creating a dragon puppet for your children's Tet celebrations (Cindy Roberts).