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Vietnamese Culture & Adoption Heritage Camp Articles

This section provides an explanation of the value of adoption culture camps, articles describing experiences of adoptive families at the various camps, and links to the camp website.

To stay informed on the dates and locations of all the Vietnamese adoption camps for this year, visit FCV's Vietnam Adoption Heritage and Culture Camps Directory or subscribe to the Chao Ban newsletter.

What Makes Vietnamese Heritage and Culture Camp So Special for Adoptees?

Children enjoy Vietnamese Culture Camp at Catalyst FoundationWhen a parent adopts a child of another race and culture, the whole family become a multi-cultural family. Once a year at these Vietnamese Culture Camps for adoptees and their families, Vietnamese adoptive families celebrate their "kinship" with other adoptive families who share the same looks and history. Adoption heritage and culture camps provide a unique opportunity for adoptees and their adoptive families to gather together to celebrate and learn about their Vietnamese culture.

Adoptees create Vietnamese crafts at Vietnamese culture camp.Children gain so much from their time at Vietnamese culture camps! They know the camp is just for them. Children attending camps bring home with a boost of self-esteem and pride that lasts for ages.

During Vietnamese culture camp, adoptees have the rare chance to be in the majority, as they enjoy a special time with other children and families just like theirs. Plus, they can enjoy meeting older Vietnamese Americans and adults adopted from Vietnam. Meanwhile they, and their siblings and parents, enjoy learning about their Vietnamese culture in a positive environment. Most adoption culture camps also have sessions on post adoption issues - such as coping with questions, racism, and visits back to Vietanm.

In these articles below parents share their experiences of three Vietnamese heritage camps around the United States. If you are considering attending a culture camp, these experiences at the different camps can help you decide.

For the dates and locations of Vietnamese adoption camps for this year, visit FCV's Vietnam Adoption Heritage and Culture Camps Directory.

Vietnamese Adoption Culture and Heritage Camp Articles:

Catalyst Vietnamese Culture Camp (Minnesota and Northeastern United States)

A New Parent's View of Vietnam Culture Camp
The best part about camp was simply connecting with other families like ours. (Sue Stillman)

Vietnam Culture Camp Brings Families Together
Just being among so many families that look like ours is a warm and indescribable feeling. (Sandee McAlpine)

Why Was It Only A Weekend - The First Catalyst Vietnamese Culture Camp
I was struck by the many different adoption journeys I heard and by the many different kinds of families there – single parent, two parent, some small, some large and blended with children by birth or children adopted from other countries. Even the beautiful children from Vietnam who formed our common bond were a diverse group of ages, temperaments, and skin colors. (Kirk Savage)

Vietnam Culture Camp is a Success!
Fun and learning at the Catalyst Foundation culture camp. (Lynne Flood)

Colorado Vietnamese Heritage Camp (Colorado)

Adoptive Families Have Fun While Learning at Vietnamese Heritage Camp
Our family learned more about Vietnamese culture as children formed friendships with others who have similar life experiences. (Lea Ann Kaplan)

Vietnamese Culture Camp Makes A Wonderful Weekend
Adoptive families from many different state share Vietnamese cultural experiences together. (Kathie Scrimgeour)

Vietnamese Culture Camp - A Marvelous Family Experience
An adoptive families' experience at Vietnamese culture camp. (Cindy Roberts)

Hands Around the World Asian Culture Camp (Illinois)

A Magical Experience - Asian Culture Camp
My daughters (currently older teens) take pride in who they are partly as a result of the experiences they each had while at camp. (Cherie Jones Das)

Proud to be Adopted from VietnamCulture Camp Links

Current Vietnamese Adoption Culture Camp Dates
FCV has description of this years Vietnamese culture camp programs, with dates and locations. Updated yearly.

Colorado Heritage Camp

Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Culture Camp

Hands Around the World Asian Culture Camp

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