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Vietnam Adoption

Encouragement and information for your adoption journey.

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Book Reviews
Hundreds of books for children and adults on adoption, Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, and parenting.

Author Interviews
Authors discuss their books about adoption and Vietnam in these exclusive interviews.

Vietnam Adoption Process

Preparing for Your Adoption from Vietnam
Get ready for your adoption from Vietnam: from deciding to adopt to organizing paperwork and surviving "The Wait."

Selecting Your Adoption Agency
Guide for selecting your adoption agency - Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory, interviewing, cautions and resources.

Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory
The Vietnam Adoption Agency Directory provides a listing of adoption agencies licensed in Vietnam, and up-to-date information on their Vietnam adoption program description, contacts, requirements and cost.

Adoption Procedures & Paperwork
How to adopt from Vietnam. Requirements and procedures for your Vietnam adoption.

U.S. Statistics for Vietnamese Adoptions
Number of Vietnamese children adopted each year in the United States.

International Adoption
Adoptions from Vietnam from Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Vietnam Adoption Health

Health Issues of Children Adopted from Vietnam
Important! This large section provides articles on crucial health and medical information for babies and children adopted from Vietnam.

Vietnam Adoption Journeys

Vietnam Adoption Stories
Read these remarkable personal stories about Vietnam adoptions.

Adoptive Family Websites and Blogs
Websites and blogs of families who adopted or are adopting from Vietnam.

Special Circumstances

Single Parent Adoption
Articles on adopting from Vietnam as a single parent, provide advice and stories on traveling to Vietnam as a single parent and adopting on your own.

New Parents : Transition into an Adoptive Family
These articles provide advice for new parents about becoming an adoptive family, plus practical advice on common parenting problems.

Adopting Children with Special Needs
Advice and resources for prospective adoptive parents. (Allison Martin)

Older Child Adoption
Articles on adoption and parenting of older children.

More Resources for Your Vietnam Adoption

Adoption of Boys from Vietnam
Vietnam adoptive parents encourage the adoption of boys by sharing their blessings, with stories and photographs.

Families with Children from Vietnam (FCV)
National organization for families: local chapters, children's photo gallery, family to family contacts, and more.

Over 1000 articles on adoption and special needs of children. Adoption health, directory of adoption discussion lists, poetry, adoptive parenting and much more.


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