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Vietnamese Girls Names

Molly baby girl pictureVietnamese names for girls are positive and uplifting. They may refer to the four attributes of a woman, the four mythical creatures, to beautiful images (like a blossom or a river) or to hoped for attributes (like gentleness or faith). Often two names are combined for a special meaning, to designate a specfic flower, for example.

Here are a number of examples of Vietnamese girls names and their meanings.

Vietnamese Girls Names Representing the Four Feminine Attributes

Co^ng: skillful, on career; good industry

Dung: beauty; nice appearance

Ha.nh: nice behaving; good conduct

Ngo^n: good, soft & nice communication; polite communication 

Vietnamese Girls Names Representing the 4 Sacred Mythical Creatures

Ly: Lion

Phuong: Phoenix

Qui: Turtle

Long: Dragon


List of Vietnamese Girls Names and Meanings

Ai': beloved, gentle

An: peace

Anh: intellectual brightness

A'nh: light ray

Be': baby

Bê: doll

Bian: secretive (not commonly used)

Bi'ch: jade

Bi`nh: peace

Cam: orange, mountain sunset (?)

Ca,nh: scenery

Cha^u: pearls, precious stones (also a boys name)

Chi: tree branch, twig

Da`o: peach blossom; a Tet flower

Diê.p: leaves

Die^.p(with - at the middle of D): type of trees that have red flowers

Di.u: tender, gentle, mellow

Do`an Vie^n: happy reunion

Dông: winter

Giang : river (pronounced "yaahng" in the south or "zaahng" in the north)

Ha`: river

Ha`i: old name for "shoe" or "fairy shoe"

Han: faithful, moral. (see Hanh)

Ha`ng: angel in the full moon

Ha.nh Phu'c: blessing from above, as in good family; also happiness

Hiê`n: gentle, nice, quiet (can be both girl and boy name, more common for girl)

Hoa: a type of flower (pronounced HWA)

ô`ng: rose, pink.

Hô`ng Yen: pink swallow bird

Hong Hanh: pink apricot blossom

Hu.ê: lily flower; intelligence; mental brilliance; enlightenment

Hung: pink rose


(1) without accent means flagrance, perfume

(2) with a little bar `, means rose flower or pink color

(3) a little question mark accent above the O, means enjoy

Huyê`n: having a reflective black color

Hy`unh: yellow

Kê`t Nie^n: year of unity

Khanh: Precious stone

Kiê`u: graceful or beloved; a literature heroine (see 'A Tale of Kieu' by Nguyen Du, translated to English by Huynh Sanh Thong)

Kim: gold, golden

Kim Cu`c: yellow chrysanthemum

Kim-Ly: Golden Lion

Lam: jungle or dense forest (of Chinese origin, a take from Lim and Lum)

Lan: orchid

Lang: sweet potato

La`nh: gentle

Lê: pear

Lê. : tears; shy/shyness

Liê ~ u: willow

Liên: lotus

Linh: gentle spirit

Loan: lucky bird in Chinese myth. Also wife.

Mai: cherry blossom

My~: pretty

Nam Ha`: South River

Ngoc: jade, precious stone

Ngo.c Bich: sapphire jade

Ngu: (no accent) stupid

Ngu? : to sleep

Ngu+ : fishermen

Ngu~ : the fifth number (Chinese based word)

Ngu+~ : written language

Nguyêt: moon

Nhu: gentle, peaceful

Nhung: velvet

Nu~ : girl

Phuong: orientation (geometry)

Phuo.ng: phoenix

Qu 'y: precious (also a boys name)

Quyêe^ n: a kind of bird

Sang: looking or behaving like people of upper classes (also a boys name)

Suong: fog

Ta^m: heart

Ta^n: new, chastity

Tha'm: discreet grace

Thanh: bright, sunny, light or "ear pleasing" sound or delicate, thing of high value. Has many meanings, such as blue (sky), slender and elegant looking ( ex: The way you dress looks "thanh thanh", or the way you dress looks "thanh nha").

Thanh Ha: Teal River

Tha?o: grass(botanical);or kind, sweet, nice

Thi: poem

Thi : common middle name for girls

Thien : heavenly

Thom: sweet smelling; also possibly means pineapple (?)

Thu: autumn, poem

Thuy: friendly, gentle

Thuy: (even tone) pussy willow (there several Thuys with different meanings, depending on the tone)

Thu?y: water

Tiên: fairy, spirit, or angel

Trinh: virginal girl

Truc: wish

Tuyen: angel

Tuyê'n: line, ray

Tuyet: snow white

Uoc: wishes

Vân: cloud

Viê.t: for Vietnam

Viê't: to write

Xuân: spring

Yê'n: a swallow (bird)

Yên: peace, safe, stand still

Special thanks to Pattie Sheeter, Quynh-Anh Lam, Tran Anh Tu, Hong Cao, Dominique Dinh , and Le Chi Thao for their contributions to this page. If you have additions or recommendations for Vietnamese names, please write me.