Luggage Limits and Packing for Vietnam Travel

By Joyce Yiu, Lotus Travel

Checked-in Luggage and Carry-on Restrictions

Most U.S. domestic and international flights allow two checked bags per person, up to 50 pounds per bag and one carry-on bag per person (no larger than 14"x9"x22").

All airlines reserve the right to charge an additional fee for excessive luggage, in which varies from airline to airline. Check with your airline for specific charges.

Note that the aircraft may not have enough room for over-weighted luggage if the flight is completely full. Pack light! Necessities such as clothes, medications, toys, and baby milk formula are fully available in Vietnam.

Contact the airline counter immediately in the case of a luggage loss; you may want to consider purchasing a travel insurance plan with luggage loss and delay coverage to play safe.

Packing Recommendations

Pack light! It is easy to forget that you are able to purchase items while you are in Vietnam, or the amenities that hotels provide for your convenience.

Laundry service is available in most hotels so it is unnecessary to bring an outfit for every day. One nice outfit for special occasions, a light jacket, and three sets of casual clothes should be adequate. Keep in mind that if you happen to need an extra shirt, you can always purchase one at a nearby store.

Hairdryers are also readily available at most hotels so you can take them off your packing list.

Other than snacks for the plane-ride, it is unnecessary to bring along snacks for your entire trip. Snacks and treats are available at any nearby store. However, if you are traveling with young children who have a particular favorite snack, you may want to bring an extra few for the trip.

If you are bringing any prescribed medications, be sure to keep them in their original case. It may also be important to make a list of the medications as well as which doctor they were prescribed from and their office phone numbers. This list will be helpful if you lose your luggage or left your prescriptions at the hotel.

You will have access to over-the-counter medications while in Vietnam; however, you may want to make a small "illness kit" including: aspirin; heartburn medication; diarrhea medication; daily vitamins; calcium tablets; and any other medication that you may use on a regular basis.

A small sewing-kit may also come in handy. Be sure to have this in the bag that you will check due to the new airline regulations.

A small collapsible umbrella is helpful if you will be traveling during the rainy months.

You should pack an empty extra bag for additional purchases you make while on your trip.

Joyce Yiu is the Sales and Marketing Assistant for Lotus Travel, a tour operator to Vietnam, China and Southeast Asia