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Pictures of Vietnamese New Year Celebrations in Canada

By Phan Dam

Here is a lovely set of photographs of the Ontario Canadian Vietnamese community's Tet celebrations, in 2004. These representative photos provide a glimpse of the Vietnamese New Year celebrations in North America, for those who might not have the opportunity to particpate. Examples of familiar Tet symbols and events, including lovely flowers, food, dances, music, decorations, and ceremonies, are beautifully illustrated.

Many of the local chapters of the US/Canadian Families with Children from Vietnam attend their local Vietnamese associations' Tet celebrations each year. The Ontario Families with Children of Vietnam participated here, even presenting a program on stage in Vietnamese!

Stage decorations for Vietnamese New Year in Canada.

Stage decorations for Vietnamese New Year in Canada include candles, incense, blossoms, and Vietnamese map (with the dragon representing Vietnam).

Traditional Vietnamese dances for Tet.

Traditional Vietnamese dances for Tet.

Distinguished guests gather for Tet.

Numerous distinguished guests, honored speakers, and awardees, including Ontario's Minister of Education.

Tet Vietnamese musicians.

Vietnamese musicians include Pham Duc Thanh.

Vietnamese Unicorn Dance for Tet in Canada.

Vietnamese Unicorn Dance.

Preparations for the Unicorn Dance during Tet.

Preparations for the Unicorn Dance

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Many thanks to Phan Dam for sharing his wonderful photographs with our community.

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