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Humanitarian Aid in Vietnam Directory

Vietnam humanitarian aid helps children with special needs.As adoptive parents we often feel a special sense of gratitude and compassion for the people of Vietnam. When we provide help through humanitarian aid projects - specifically identified as adoptive families - we show the positive consequences of international adoption that people may not otherwise be aware.

Volunteers and training provide humanitarian aid and medical assistance in Vietnam.Browse the Vietnam humanitarian aid directory for projects from humanitarian aid organizations and adoption agencies to see how you might help Vietnam's children - with donations or by volunteering. Read about the adventures of volunteers helping others through Vietnam humanitarian aid programs. Children with severe special needs who are not likely to be adopted, families trapped in poverty, people injured by disease or disabilities, or from mines of the Vietnam-American war ... so many special charitable projects in Vietnam would benefit from your contribution.

Vietnam Humanitarian Programs:

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS with humanitarian programs in Vietnam

ADOPTION AGENCIES with humanitarian programs in Vietnam

Vietnam Volunteer Stories:

Quyen's Journal - A Vietnamese-American Volunteers to Teach English in Vietnam
The poignant and informative story of a woman's journey to the land of her birth, 27 years later.

What is the Question?
An adoptive mother volunteers in Vietnam, wondering about her reception as an American.

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