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Vietnam Travel Advice

Advice on specific Vietnam travel topics, including shopping, traveling alone or with children, gifts, manners, photography, volunteering and much more.

Top Ten Travel Items to Bring to Vietnam
The top ten travel items you will want to bring along on your trip to Vietnam, for both safety and comfort. (Lea Xu)

Taking Great Pictures in Vietnam
A professional photographer offers advice on traveling and photography in Vietnam. Quang-Tuan Luong

Should You Bring a Camcorder on Your Adoption?
The pros and cons of using a camcoder to record your international adoption. (Allison Martin)

Gifts to Bring Home from Vietnam
Shopping suggestions for your trip. (Margaret Weeks)
For more shopping advice, see Shopping in Vietnam

Traveling with Children
Suggestions on bringing your children with you to Vietnam. (Laurie Kroll).

Advice on Visiting Orphanages in Vietnam
Appropriate gifts and etiquette when you visit an orphanage in Vietnam during your homeland tour. (Joyce Yiu)

Traveling Alone: Words of Wisdom
Advantages and advice for traveling alone to adopt. (Barbara Ohland)

Vietnam Travel Advice from Dana Sachs
In this interview, author and scholar Dana Sachs talks about the way adoption is viewed in Vietnam, with advice for Vietnam travelers and insights into her Vietnam adoption novel. (Allison Martin)

Women Traveling to Vietnam
Good news, and a bit of advice, for women traveling to Vietnam in this interview with Jan Dodd, author of the Rough Guide to Vietnam. (Allison Martin)

Vietnamese Gestures and Politeness
A guide to gestures and polite behavior when talking to Vietnamese people. (Mark Ashwill)

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Vietnam Humanitarian Aid Travel Adventures
Enjoy these poignant and informative Vietnam travel stories by people who spent time in Vietnam as volunteers. These articles have lots of great advice on traveling, plus ideas on ways you can help.

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