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Money in Vietnam

As Vietnam becomes more modernized, money has become much more managable. A few years ago there were only a few places to access your cash via an ATM, now they are almost ubiquitous. You can use the ATM locators below to find ATM machines in Vietnam.

Before you travel to Vietnam, be sure to inform your credit card company in advance of your plans to travel overseas. This is important!

Bills of either currency must be in excellent condition. Major hotels and some shops accept credit cards, most shops still prefer cash. American dollars are still welcome. You may want to read these safety precautions for carrying cash.

Here are some more resources for money:

Our Vietnam Travel FAQ provides recommendations for using money in Vietnam: dong or dollars?, changing money, credit cards, bargaining, tipping.

This is rather fun. The Oanda's Currency "Cheat Sheet" provides currency equivalencies for the different dong dominations, which you can print out to carry around with you in Viet Nam.

Yahoo! gives the current value of the dong to dollars.

Where can you find ATMS in Vietnam? To easily find ATMs in Vietnam, use these credit card ATM locators:

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