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Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants

By Margaret Weeks

Lemon Grass
4 Nguyen Thiep St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8220496, 8232036
Very nice Vietnamese food.

Nam An
57-69 Dong Khoi St. 22-36 Nguyen Hue St. Dist. 1, HCMC TEL: 8220246
Vietnamese food in a lovely setting. You wouldn't think it to see the mall it is located in, but worth the trip. After dinner, visit the bakery next door, it is an experience!

Vietnam House
93-95 Dong Khoi St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8291623
We had one of our best Vietnamese dinners here, excellent food.

Amigo Char-Grill
55-57 Nguyen Hue St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8241248, 8290437
This establishment is run by an Australian. A couple in our group discovered it one day when they went looking for "food from home. Great beef and potatoes, really good desserts. Save this for when you get homesick for a home-like meal.

Paloma Cafe
26 Dong Khoi St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 295813
A nice restaurant, but not one of the best.

Miss Saigon
I am fairly sure it is located on the corner of Le Thanh Ton St, and Dong Khoi St.
Good Vietnamese food, nice atmosphere

169 Dong Khoi St. Dist. 1 HCMC (across street from Continental Hotel) TEL: 242750
We ate lunch here only (never anyone in here at dinner time), good place to get a ham and cheese sandwich. There is a good news stand outside that sells the Herald Tribune, and a lovely street vendor who is 9 years old, and the sweetest, brightest girl you can imagine. Her father is a cyclo driver and she and her 3 year old brother stay on the street all day selling postcards. She stole our hearts, it is a travesty that she isn't able to attend school, as she is extremely bright

Norfolk Hotel
117 Le Thanh Ton St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL:295368
Only ate brunch here, great deal.

Majestic Rooftop
1 Dong Khoi St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 295515
Listening to the Vietnamese maraichi band was priceless, and a lovely setting.

Paris Deli
31 Dong Khoi St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8297533
65 Le Loi Blvd. Saigon Centre Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8216127

Great sandwiches, and desserts, two locations.

The Rex Rooftop
141 Nuyen Hue Blvd.(corner of Le Loi Blvd.) Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 292185
Only had drinks here our last night, but a great place to say goodbye to HCMC.

Ancient Town (also named Quan Pho Xua)
Sorry, don't know the address, but it is well worth looking up any way you can!
This was probably my favorite restaurant in HCMC. We went on a Sunday night, and it was packed, but we had excellent service, and the food is out of this world. A must do in HCMC.

W ( I'm not sure this is the correct name, but it is all the card says.)
164 Pasteur St. Dist. 1 HCMC TEL: 8296210
They serve Vietnamese, Western and Chinese food, and it is a great place to eat.

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