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Adoptive Parenting

Adoptive parenting advice on identity issues related to adoption, including the importance of a lifebook for your child, coping with intrusive questions, using appropriate adoption language, tips for grandparents, growing up adopted, and teaching children and others about adoption.

Adoptive Parenting Articles:

Thinking About Searching for Your Child's Birthparents
Have you considered searching for your child's birth parents? This thoughtful article examines the various aspects of search, including your child's age and participation. (Pat Johnston)

Life Books: Every Adopted Child Needs One
Why you will want to create a life book for your adopted child, by the author of LifeBooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child. (Beth O'Malley)

Talking to Young Children About Adoption
Introducing elementary school children to the topic of adoption. (Nancy Jessup)

Coping with Questions
As your child matures, you will encounter questions that relate to adoption issues. (Lana Noone)

Adoption Language
Appropriate terminology when speaking about adoption and adoptive family members. (Pat Johnston)

Cross-Cultural Adoption: The Do's and Don'ts for Grown-Ups
How to answer questions from family, friends, and community. (Amy Coughlin and Caryn Abramowitz)

The Beauty of Adoption
An antidote to the media's view of adoption. (Marjorie Hershey)

Growing Up Adopted
Identity issues of adopted children, by the author of Adoption Nation. (Adam Pertman)

Tips for Adoptive Grandparents
An adoptee provides suggestions for grandparents of adopted children. (Beth O'Malley)

In addition to these articles on adoptive parenting, you may also enjoy my reviews of recommended adoption books for parents and children. Our quarterly Chao Ban Vietnam Adoption newsletter provides timely articles from experts on a variety of post adoption issues.

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