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Vietnamese Holidays

Vietnamese New Year - Tet & Mid-Autumn Festival - Tet Trung Thu

Lovely and informative books for children and adults about the major Vietnamese Holidays: Tet, the Vietnamese New Year and Tet Trung Thu, the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Surprise Moon
by Caroline Hatton
Celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival with Caroline Hatton's lovely children's book depicting this Vietnamese holiday. (Allison Martin)
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Ten Mice for Tet!
by Pegi Deitz Shea
Little mice prepare for Tet in their village, counting off one by one, as they gather what they need. Adorable and informative. (Allison Martin)
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Children of the Dragon: Selected Tales from Vietnam
by Sherry Garland
A lovely book of Vietnamese folktales for children. Colorful illustrations and fables from Vietnam. (Allison Martin)
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Round Is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes
by Roseanne Thong
Here is a nice Autumn Moon Festival book. Asian objects illustrate shapes in this cheerful rhyming book. Upbeat and colorful for young readers or classrooms. (Allison Martin)
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Vietnam (Festivals of the World)
by Susan McKay
Festivals, including Tet, the Firecracker Festival, and the Ngoc Son Festival.
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Tet: Vietnamese New Year (Best Holiday Books)
by Dianne M. MacMillan
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Tet: The New Year
by Kim-Lan Tran, Children's Museum Boston
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Cat and Rat: The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac
by Ed Young
"This folk tale based on the Asian zodiac tells the story of how the Cat and Rat became enemies."
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Chinese New Year For Kids
by Cindy Roberts
"The author is the mother of three children adopted from Vietnam, who were the inspiration for this book. Like the book above, many of the activities from this paperback book can be modified for the Vietnamese New Year."
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Chinese New Year Crafts (Fun Holiday Crafts Kids Can Do!)
by Karen E. Bledsoe
"If you are looking for a resource for craft activities for Asian New Year, this hardcover book looks like a great one. Although some modifications would be necessary (such as to the zodiac), both Vietnam and China share many of the same celebration features."
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