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Vietnamese Cook Books

Love Vietnamese food? These Vietnamese cookbooks make it relatively easy to start cooking Vietnamese food for your self, your family and your friends. You might also be interested in bringing samples and Vietnamese cookbook recipes to your child's school or events. Most of these Vietnamese cookbooks also provide wonderful illustrations of Vietnam and Vientamese food, as well as delightful stories of Vietnamese culture and cuisine. Enjoyable to read, and fun to sample!

Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table
by Mai Pham
"Vietnamese recipes and stories to match.. A great way to get started with Vietnamese cooking - friendly and clear text with man popular recipes." (Allison Martin)
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Vietnamese Home Cooking for Everyone
By Andre Nguyen, Yukiko Moriyama
Readers of Chao Ban Newsletter know that Andre Nguyen is a wizard with words, and an expert you can rely on for Vietnamese food. This is not your everyday Vietnamese cookbook, but rather is a treat for someone who wishes to expand their repretoire. Step by step instructions and clear photographs accompany each recipe. Dishes range from simple soups, to one pot dishes to the more elaborate Monk Fish. It even includes a recipe for Vietnamese "hamburger."
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The Vietnamese Cookbook
by Diana My Tran
"Food is a big thing in our family and therefore one way we will bring Vietnam into our lives. As I've been learning to cook Vietnamese I've been discouraged with the lack of really simple, practical cookbooks. Most of the books are too gourmet for the average home or require ingredients that don't appeal to most adults, let alone little ones. However, I managed to get my hands on an excellent cookbook, very simple in the ingredient list and amount of time to prepare, plus most of the recipes are appealing - The Vietnamese Cookbook by Diana My Tran." (Molly Moody)
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Lonely Planet World Food Vietnam
by Richard Sterling
"We found a new and fantastic book which I wish we had with us so much when we went to Vietnam, but it will be great for next time. It really is fantastic with photos and regional advice, maps, food knowledge, customs, stories, and more.  I really enjoy reading it a lot, it's very interesting. I think it would make a great companion on anyone's trip, even if you are not adventurous enough to try some of the things it is a great cultural education since food is so closely related to culture, especially in Vietnam!" (Myla Stauber)
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The Little Saigon Cookbook : Vietnamese Cuisine and Culture in Southern California's Little Saigon
By Ann Le
This unique book provides both Vietnamese American recipes plus an introduction to Vietnamese American culture. Recipes appear authentic and not too difficult, and good directions are provided. The book also includes a number of descriptions of life and dining experiences in the Little Saigon's Vietnamese community in Southern California. If you are interested in a travelogue, cultural guide and cookbook - this book will be of great interest.
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The Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking : Favorite Recipes from Lemon Grass Restaurant and Cafes
By Mai Pham
Mai Pham's earlier cookbook serves up both Vietnamese and Thai recipes, plus her unique stories.
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Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass: Southeast Asia's Best Recipes from Bangkok to Bali
by Wendy Hutton
One of the best selling cookbooks for Southeast Asian home cooking, provides inspiring illustrations and relatively simple recipes "from Bankkok to Bali," including Vietnam.
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Lemongrass and Lime: New Vietnamese Cooking
by Mark Read
"A gorgeous book with Vietnamese inspired recipes adapted for the Western palate. Tried several and results are great even for a non expert cook. For instance the book has an excellent recipe for crab and asparagus soup; the recipe in a Vietnamese book has a similar recipe but adds egg and MSG: for some reason, that latter version does not quite work as well for the Western palate, although probably more accurate. If you need a bit of "help" to get used to Vietnamese cooking and flavours under all its forms, this book can help make an easy transition." (Catherine Deluz)
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The Asian Diet: Get Slim and Stay Slim the Asian Way
By Diana My Tran and Idamarie Laquatra
Good food and healthy too, what a great combination.
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Vietnamese : Fragrant and Exotic: A Deliciously Simple Cuisine
By Ghillie Basan
If you are in the mood for an oversize hardcover cookbook with stupendous photographs, this book will interest you. It is full of page after page of delicious looking preparations. As well as recipes it includes a discussion of Vietnam and Vietnamese food including history, tea and coffee, traditions, the concept of dipping sauces and more. Recipes are authentic and challenging, often including more difficult to find ingredients, such as exotic shellfish and fish. But it is gorgeous.
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Essentials of Asian Cuisine : Fundamentals and Favorite Recipes
by Corinne Trang
Connie Trang, the author of a well known traditional Vietnamese cookbook, provides us with this more recent collection of Asian recipes, complete with gorgeous illustrations. The main focus is Chinese cuisine, but this well known author also includes Vietnamese recipes, as well as recipes from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Korea.
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Healthy Salads From Southeast Asia
by Vatcharin Bhumichitr
Here is a lovely book for the more adventurous cook. Bhumichitr provides a cornucopia of salads from Southeast Asia - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia/Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Although exotic, most of the recipes contain ingredients that are relatively available, with a few exceptions (ie, duck eggs!). The 14 Vietnamese recipes he has selected sound delectable, doable and healthy. For example, Egg Salad (Rau Tron Don Gian) includes lettuce, cucumber, beansprouts, carrots, mint leaves, sunflower seeds and hardboiled eggs, plus a dressing. Another delicious recipe is the Fried Fish with Lemon Grass and Salad (Ca Chien Xa) from the Vietnam House in Saigon.
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The Foods of Vietnam
Nicole Routhier
Nicole Routhier explains that recipes in Vietnam are not written down but are simply taught to children by letting them assist in the family kitchen, therefore sharing a recipe is a uniquely personal gesture of friendship. Recipes include many meals which visitors to Vietnamese restaurants will find familiar which have been modified to use American ingredients (in a few cases a bit to the extreme). Coriander and nuoc nam is used liberally throughout for seasoning. Good directions are included (for example, a detailed explanation for wrapping spring rolls). A nice feature of this slightly older book is the description of ingredients. The book is not as elegant as some but appears to be both authentic and useful.." (Allison Martin)
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Authentic Vietnamese Cooking : Food from a Family Table
by Corinne Trang
Connie Trang provides recipes for meals from the three regions of Vietnam in this well known book of traditional Vietnamese cooking.
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Celebrity Chefs' Cookbooks: Vietnamese Soul Food
By Ha Mai

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A Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Family Recipes
By Ha Roda

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Quick & Easy Vietnamese: 75 Everyday Recipes
By Nancie McDermott

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Cafe Vietnam
by Annabel Jackson, Jeremy Hopley (Photographer)
This book is brightly colored, cheerful, and for the most part nicely illustrated. Unfortnately not all the recipes have pictures but in those cases the titles are helpful in providing a good idea of their appearance. The recipes are simplified Vietnamese, but appear to be relatively authentic in taste. This book is distributed under two different titles - Cafe Vietnam and Street Cafe Vietnam.
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