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Operation Babylift Books

In a short period during 1975 as the United States withdrew from Vietnam, thousands of Vietnamese and Vietnamese American babies and children were flown from Vietnam and to be adopted in the United States through Operation Babylift. The experiences of those involved is fascinating of itself, and also has much to tell those of us adopting more recently. These books relate the story of Operation Babylift and its aftermath.

The Life We Were Given: Operation Babylift, International Adoption, and the Children of War in Vietnam
by Dana Sachs
Dana Sachs chronicles the events and personal stories of the 1975 Babylift when in a span of just a few weeks 3000 Vietnamese babies and children were brought by plane to be adopted in the United States and other countries. Anyone interested in the adoption from Vietnam, especially in the events of the Babylift, or in broader questions regarding adoption will find this a fascinating study.
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Global Mom: Notes from a Pioneer Adoptive Family
by Lana Noone
This is an inspirational book with valuable insights for any parent with internationally adopted children. In a thoughtful manner, it covers topics such as making time for your child's heritage, needs and perceptions at different ages, racism, and the invaluable attributes of care and attention. Lana Noone is the adoptive mother of three children, two of whom were adopted from Vietnam during the 1975 Operation Babylift.
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Escape from Saigon : How a Vietnam War Orphan Became an American Boy
by Andrea Warren
This is the true story, told in narrative form, of the adoption of a young boy from Vietnam during Operation Babylift in 1975. The descriptions of Matt Steinour's early life in Vietnam, Operation Babylift (including the tragic crash of one of the planes), his adjustment to his new family and life in the United States, and his homeland visit to Vietnam, are well written and engrossing. Older children and adults interested in adoption and in the Babylift will enjoy this remarkable story and accompanying photographs. (Allison Martin)
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Beyond the Babylift: A Story of an Adoption
by Pamela Chatterton Purdy
The personal account by his adoptive mother of the adoption and childhood of a young boy adopted from Vietnam during Operation Babylift of 1975. This story, based on Pamela Purdy's diaries, but written in narrative form, is an enthralling story of their family life and adjustments in Chicago in the 1970's and 1980's. It provides valuable insight into life many issues - adoption of older children, aftermath of the babylift, racial tension in the 1970's and 80's, and family life. (Allison Martin)
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After Sorrow Comes Joy
by Cherie Clark
After Sorrow Comes Joy is the touching autobiography of Cherie Clark, director of the former International Mission of Hope agency, and her part in the rescue hundreds of babies and children abandoned in Vietnam in the aftermath of the American-Vietnamese war. It is a graphic account of the conditions during this time.
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The War Cradle
by Shirley Peck-Barnes
"The first hand account of Operation Babylift, the epic airlift and subsequent adoption of over 2,000 children from Vietnam in 1977. A stirring tale of the young children and adults caught in the aftermath of the ages long war, The War Cradle takes you to the forefront of Operation Babylift - in Vietnam and in the United States." (Allison Martin)
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This Must Be My Brother
By LeAnn Thieman & Carol Dey
"A remarkable book about the adventures of a partime nurse and homemaker who becomes involved one of the largest and most dangerous escorts in the history of international adoption - Operation Babylift. Highly recommended for anyone interested in adoption adventure or the history of adoption." (Allison Martin)
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The Dust of Life: America's Children Abandoned in Vietnam
by Robert S. McKelvey
This is a heartrending collection of stories based on interviews in the 1990's with adult Amerasians born of Vietnamese mothers and American fathers during the Vietnam American war. Some of the interviewees immigrated to the US, but most were still in Vietnam, unable to immigrate to the US under the Ameriasian Homecoming Act. While their spirits shine through, most of thee people have had a very difficult life due to poverty, racism, and separation from their families (so important in Vietnam). The book shows the sad aftermath of those injured for life by their births during a war of which they played no part.
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The Unwanted: A Memoir of Childhood
by Kien Nguyen
"I want to recommend this book to everyone with an interest in what happened in Vietnam after 1975, when the country was shut off from the West for years, and especially what happened to the Amerasian children fathered by our military and civilians working for the military and then left behind when the United States hastily left Vietnam in 1975."( Pat Palmer)
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Orphans of War : Work with the Abandoned Children of Vietnam 1967-1975
by Rosemary Taylor
Through personal accounts and diary entries, this book describes humanitarian care and adoption in Vietnam in the late 1960's through mid 1970's, by Rosemary Taylor and so many other heroes who gave of themselves during this time. Readers interested in the details of Operation Babylift will be engrossed by the tragic circumstances of war, poverty and inadquete medical care, the horrendous difficulties of caring for babies and children in Vietnam and of international adoption, the creation of the Friends for All Children (FFAC) adoption agency, the transfer of hundreds of children during Operation Babylift, the tragedy of the crash of C-5A, and the aftermath of litagation (evenually dropped). Remarkable photographs puncutate this heart touching work.
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Voices of Vietnam
by Charlene Edwards
A collection of personal memories of the Vietnam-American War, this book includes interviews from a wide range of people who fought or were involved in the war, demonstrating the far reaching impact on America and Vietnam. One brighter note of hope is a story relating the adoption of two babies during Operation Babylift. The photographs which accompany the anecdotes provide an intimate look into the feelings of the participants.
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