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Vietnam Adoption Books

Over the years, a number of inspirational and informative books have been written about adoption from Vietnam. Here you will find recent books on Vietnam adoption for parents, children and even babies. These Vietnam adoption books teach children and adults about Vietnam adoption, share heart warming Vietnam adoption stories, and even include a nationally recognized novel. You might also enjoy the books in our Vietnam Adoption Babylift Book section, for an indepth look into the history of Vietnam adoption, as well as relevant adoptee and family stories.

If You Lived Here: A Novel
by Dana Sachs
"Here is a real treat for anyone interested in Vietnam adoption - a well crafted, colorful novel in which the adoption of an infant boy plays a pivotal role. Ten years in the making, this novel is the gripping and lyrical story of the healing friendship between two very different women who travel together to Vietnam, assisting one another on their personal quests. In an enriching juxtaposition, the heartwarming story of the two women is interwoven with a lyrical depiction of their two shared countries, northern Vietnam and southern United States. Dana Sachs captures the deep longing to have a child, as well as the strong emotions created during the ups and downs of the adoption process. "If You Lived Here" is a dramatic work of art that will be enjoyed for many years." (Allison Martin)
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When You Were Born in Vietnam: A Memory Book for Children Adopted from Vietnam
by Therese Bartlett, William Bartlett (Photographer)
"When you were born in Vietnam is truly wonderful. Great photos, very sensitive and accurate text. We are so pleased to have a copy to share with our 3 year old. This book is very true to life, and really tries to capture life in Vietnam. It's also beautifully produced, with thick, glossy pages (42 of them!) and wonderful photos. Definitely a wonderful addition to your library!" (Michelle Corbeil)
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Bringing Our Angel Home
by Tracy S. Pillow
"The first hand, detailed story of the Pillow's adoption of a two year old Vietnamese girl, Gracie Minh. Bringing Our Angel Home is a adoption story that will educate and entrance its readers." (Allison Martin)
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Heart of Mine
by Dan Hojer and Lotta Hojer
"A sweet, upbeat children's story of a couple who adopt a baby from Vietnam.. Originally printed in Denmark." (Allison Martin)
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Finding Katherine
by Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider
"Dr. Ellen Fitzenrider shares her journey to Vietnam to adopt her little girl in her engrossing book, Finding Katherine." (Allison Martin)
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Dear Sam and Dani: An Adoption Journal
by Cindy Roberts
"Cindy Roberts' illustrated journal of her return to Vietnam for a homeland tour, accompanied by her four oldest children, two of whom were born adopted from Vietnam. She writes back home to her daughters, sharing the tale of their travels and adventures. Families who hoping to adopt and those who are considering a return trip to Vietnam will find this book very interesting. Adult adoptees will find it interesting as well, as the Roberts visit a babylift memorial and travel with older adoptees to their orphanages. " (Allison Martin)
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Carried Safely Home: The Spiritual Legacy of an Adoptive Family
by Kristin Swick Wong
"A deeply touching first-hand account of the author's two adoptions from Vietnam." Christina Chronister
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Beyond the Blue
by Leslie Gould
"A great novel about adopting from Vietnam, through the eyes of both the birth and adoptive moms." Christina Chronister
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Danielle, Where Are You?
by Cindy Roberts
"A colorfully illustrated story, with a happy tone, for younger children. When the Roberts' planned adoption from China fell through, they looked around the world for their little girl. Young children will enjoy the bright and lively illustrations and simple upbeat text. It would also make a nice gift for waiting families." (Allison Martin)
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