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Vero and Philippe

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Review by Allison Martin

Vero and Philippe is the charming story of the lives of two Vietnamese children growing up in Paris, France. When the Vo family moves their pharmacy from rural France to Paris, their daughter Vero has to adjust to a new school and a more restrictive life in the city. She occupies her time with playing tricks on her brother, raising a pet snail and sewing doll clothes. When her nanny is fired (for smooching with her fiancée) Vero is no longer allowed outside the house, except to go to school. She can not even meet her new friend in the park. The story chronicles her attempts to bring her nanny back into the family and her ensuing closeness with her brother and other family members.

This book provides a unique look into the merging of two cultures - life in upper middle class France a number of years ago and Vietnamese family life. Told from the point of view of nine year old Vero, it is a sweet blend of childhood innocence and the positives and negatives of the close knit Vietnamese family roles. Parents and elementary to middle school age children will enjoy Vero's misadventures and a peek at Vietnamese family life in France.

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