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This Must Be My Brother

By LeAnn Thieman and Carol Dey

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Review by Allison Martin

Reviewer: Melissa Flanagan

"I literally could not put it down and stayed up to finish it.  (Yes I am a fast reader, but it only took about 3 1/2 hours to read.)  I laughed, cried, was transported back to Viet Nam again, etc...  It is an extremely powerful book and one that I really enjoyed (not knowing that much about the Operation Babylift).  I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Reviewer: Barb Ohland

"The subtitle of this book is, "The Daring Rescue of Innocent Children in the Final Desperate Hours of the Vietnam War".  This uplifting story is about compassion and bravery. Two Iowa homemakers take on the fairly "routine" task of escorting 6 healthy babies from Saigon to the US and instead end up rescuing hundreds of helpless babies, before the fall of Saigon.  I found it to be compelling an inspiring reading.  I was captivated from cover to cover."

Reviewer: Allison Martin

This Must Be My Brother is a remarkable book about the adventures of a part-time nurse and a homemaker who become involved one of the largest and most dangerous escorts in the history of international adoption - Operation Babylift. LeAnn Thieman shares her adventures with us in This Must Be My Brother with charm and captivating honesty. She flew to Vietnam planning to return with just 6 babies. When she and her friend arrived in Vietnam they learned that they were to help bring out 300 babies and children! Her descriptions of the events leading up to the flight back via cargo jet with the children is sure to keep you turning pages. Just one warning - I don't think it is possible to read this book without wanting to adopt (or adopt again)!

Although this is a true life story, LeAnn Thieman writes about the Babylift in an engaging manner, with dialog and plot that lead the reader right along through these historical events. LeAnn Thieman originally travelled to Vietnam to carry dossiers and funds for the orphanages and to provide an escort to the babies coming home to their forever families. Two years after the withdrawal of American troops, as the onslaught by the North Vietnamese Communist forces intensified against South Vietnam, it became obvious that the United States could not maintain any presence in the country any longer. President Ford ordered a final withdrawal of all Americans - including a special evacuation by private and public aircraft of several thousand of the orphans in Vietnam. The first official flight out as part of Operation Babylift ended in tragedy as the immense cargo plane crashes just outside of Saigon. LeAnn Thieman traveled with 300 children and babies on the next flight- bringing them safely to the United States for adoption; including her own son whom she met for the first time on this trip. Highly recommended for anyone interested in adoption adventure or the history of adoption.

Reviewer : Cherie Clark

"This Must Be My Brother is a story written by two Iowas housewive's who were scheduled to come over to escort babies home for our organization in a routine fashion. They were part of groups of parents across America who raised money and supplies for our facility in Saigon which we distributed all over to the orphanages. They ended up getting trapped by the fall of Saigon, came to me in tears saying that they had decided they wanted to go ahead and depart at which time I informed them that all airlines had canceled flights out. They wrote a rather amazing account of what it was like during those last days and were able to leave with our children the day after the Galaxy crash. There is an excerpt in one of the Chicken Soup books. But the book is interesting with many pictures which might be amazing to those adopting now..."

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