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Interviews with Authors of Books On Vietnam and Adoption

By Allison Martin

Exclusive interviews with prominent authors of Vietnam and adoption books.

Vietnam Travel Advice from Dana Sachs
In this interview, author and scholar Dana Sachs talks about the way adoption is viewed in Vietnam, with advice for Vietnam travelers and insights into her Vietnam adoption novel. (Allison Martin)

How the Hague Convention Regulations Improve Your International Adoption Agency or Facilitator Selection Process
In this interview, author and agency co-founder Jean Nelson-Erichsen, explains the rationale behind the new Hague Convention regulations and how helps your your international adoption process. (Allison Martin)

Cooking Vietnamese Food
Mai Pham, author of the "Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table."

When You Were Born in Vietnam
Therese Bartlett, author, and William Bartlett, photographer, of the children's book "When You Were Born in Vietnam".

Attaching in Adoption
Deborah Gray, author of the "Attaching in Adoption", provides professional guidance on the attachment of adopted children.

Adoption is a Family Affair!
Patricia Johnston, the author of "Adoption is a Family Affair!" discusses rude comments and adoption education.

Women Traveling to Vietnam
Good news, and a bit of advice, for women traveling to Vietnam in this interview with Jan Dodd, author of "The Rough Guide to Vietnam."

Interview with Andrea Warren, author of Escape from Saigon
Andrea Warren is the author of Escape from Saigon, a true story for older children and adults about Operation Babylift.

Interview with Lana Noone
An interview with Lana Noone, the author of "Global Mom" and mother of two children adopted during Operation Babylift.

Nguyen Huy Thiep, Noted Vienamese Author
An interview with editor Dana Sach.

Legal Considerations for Your Adoption
There are several steps in every adoption and each one takes time. An Interview with Brette McWhorter Sember, author of "The Complete Adoption and Fertility Legal Guide."

Vietnam Now - A Journalist Returns
Interview with author David Lamb.

A Vietnamese Family in France - A Children's Tale of Two Cultures
Caroline Hatton, author of the children's novel "Véro and Phillipe".

The War Cradle
Shirley Peck-Barnes, author of "The War Cradle - The Untold Story of Operation Babylift".

Pain and Grace, A Journey Through Vietnam
Jim Gensheimer, photojournalist and photographer for "Pain and Grace".

Enamored with Vietnam
Dana Sachs, author of "The House on Dream Street."

Danielle, Where Are You?
Interview with author Cindy Roberts on adopting an older child and her Vietnam adoption book for children.

Adopting on Your Own
Experienced advice for singles wishing to adopt and single adoptive parents from Lee Varon, author of Adopting On Your Own.

Vietnam Babylift
LeAnn Thieman, author of "This Must Be My Brother."

Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
Trish Maskew, author of "Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child."

Community Support and Multi-cultural Adoption
Dr. Victor Groza explains the importance of community support for your child and family in multi-cultural adoptions.

Adverse Impacts on Children Living in Orphanage Institutions
In this interview, Dr. Victor Groza explains risk factors and impacts in children institutionalized in orphanages for long periods of time.

Sleeping Through the Night
Dr. Jodi A. Mindell, authority on sleep and author of "Sleeping Through the Night."

Single Mothers By Choice
An interview with Jane Mattes, the author of "Single Mothers By Choice."